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 Welcome to my personal page, Paintings by Rachael. My painting / print shop originated on Instagram, so if you want to see the most recent listings and posts follow me on Instagram at @paintingsbyrachael. 

At the Carnegie Museum of Art 

Almost all prints that I am selling are $50 with the exception of a few due to either large or small size. Due to the large array of artwork that I have, size is not always displayed below an item. I will be more than happy to reference specific measurements for you, please either comment below using the title, email me at or comment on a specific listing on Instagram. Please note that the list of artwork below is not all inclusive, as the entire listing set is live on @paintingsbyrachael. All prints are high quality and glossy. 

*To inquire about purchasing an original, please email me directly.* 

All payments are invoices are sent through Paypal for verification and the safety of both myself the buyer. Please comment "SOLD" and reference the piece you would like to purchase and include your email to buy. Shipping and handling is $15USD unless your piece is otherwise indicated as large. If I know you personally, I would be more than happy to hand deliver or accept a check. 

I would be more than happy to send you more photos and details on piece specifics. 

 I take pride in the fact that each and every one of these pieces was an original made by me. Therefore, if you ever reference any of my artwork please link it back to me on either Instagram or this page. 

CURRENT DEAL: Reference code " 6FOR200" to purchase 6 original pieces for the the price of 4. 

Happy shopping. I hope you enjoy my gallery as much as I do. 

1. Left, graphite: Everything But the Boots ($50) 
2. Right, graphite: In Dreams ($50) 

Marker on Paper:  Collapse ($50) 

Colored Pencil on Paper: Chromatic Spill ($50) 

 Acid Etch on Paper & Watercolor: Uninvited ($50) 

Graphite: Decollete ($50) 

Acrylic on watercolor paper: Safe ($50) 

Acrylic on watercolor paper: Fancy ($50) 

Linoleum Ink Print on Paper: Sisterhood ($75 due to size) 

Watercolor on Watercolor Paper: The Lighthouse ($50) 

Marker on Paper Series 1: The Trip ($50) 

Marker on Paper Series 2: The Second Trip ($50) 

1. Left, watercolor on paper: A Walk in the Woods ($50) 
2. Right, watercolor on paper: A Walk in the Stream ($50) 

Purchase both for $75. 

Acrylic on Paper: Pollen Infused ($50)

1. Left, scratch paper: Panda ($50) 
2. Right, graphite: Smiley ($50) 

Linoleum ink prints: A Small Tune ($50) 

Acrylic on Paper: When She Wanted to Be Picasso ($50) 

Graphite: Be Still ($50) 

Acrylic on Canvas: Over the City ($50)

Charcoal, colored pencil and Marker on Paper: Enigma ($50) 

Graphite: Self Portrait ($50) 

Colored Pencil on Red Paper (in glass so appears to be a glare) 
5 Minutes After Coming in from the Rain ($50)

Acrylic on Canvas: Sea Spray ($50) 

 1. Left, colored pencil on black paper: The Biketress ($50)
2. Right, acrylic on canvas: Abstract Interpretation ($50) 

Acid Etch: The Uninvited Original ($50) 

Acrylic on Watercolor Paper: She Stretches ($50) 

Acrylic on Paper: A Glimpse ($50) 

Purchase the entire series for $125. 

Acrylic on Canvas: Peonies ($75 due to large size) 

Sketch on Paper: From the Side ($50) 

Acrylic on Canvas: When She Blossomed ($75 due to size) 

Colored Pencil on Paper: A Thoughtful Moment in Her Garden ($50) 

Colored Pencil and Collage on Paper: A Walk in Vogue ($50) 

Graphite on Paper: Eggs in a Basket ($50) 

Colored Pencil on Paper: She Stares ($50) 

Marker Stippling on paper: My Little Pony ($25) 

Acrylic on Canvas: Forgiveness ($75) 

Acrylic on Cardboard: Play Lightly ($25) 

1. Left, colored pencil on paper: Self Portrait, Delray Beach ($50)
2. Right, colored pencil on paper: Coke Bottles ($50) 

Acid Etch: Sensational ($50) 

Graphite & Collage: In This Moment ($50)

1. Left, colored pencil on paper: Morning, Honey ($30) 
2. Right, colored pencil on paper: Morning, Sweetie ($30) 

Purchase both Morning, Honey & Morning, Sweetie for $50. 

Metallic gold scratch paper. From left to right above, numbered 1, 2 and 3 of The Circus. 
Purchase these individually for $50 or all three for $100. 

Colored pencil on paper (photographed inside from so there is a glare but frame not included) 
Tread Lightly, My Dear ($50) 

Colored pencil on paper: Still Hungry ($50) 

 Colored pencil on paper: A Midsummer Night's Dream ($50) 

Colored pencil on paper: From the Back ($50) 

Acrylic on Canvas: The Dance ($50) 

Acrylic on canvas: Jellies ($50) 

Colored pencil on paper: Bummer ($50) 

This is a 5 part graphite on paper series. Multiple images are shown below from the same series. Purchase all 5 for $150 or individually for $50. 

Left to Right: 1. Triceps and 2. The Dip 

Left to Right: 1. See Me and 2. Hip Me 

Hip Me 

The Curve 

Acrylic on Canvas: The Northern Lights ($50) 

1. Left, scratch paper: The Mansion's Windows ($50)
2. Right, colored pencil on black paper: Her ($50) 

Etch Paper: The Steeple ($50) 

Oil Wash: A Moment of Interest ($50) 

Linoleum print on paper: Sigh on a Steinway ($50) 

 Acrylic on artist's board: Lanterns ($50) 

Acrylic on Canvas, Peonies in a Ginger Jar ($50)

Acrylic on Canvas, Chandelier Through Champagne Glasses ($50) 

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