Saturday, November 19, 2016

Home Updates

I have had some fun new additions to my home lately. I can't wait to share them with you! 
I proudly admit that when decorating my home, I aim to save. All of my home decor has come to me on deep discount from TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marc's (a Northeastern Ohio closeout store). My taste is always changing, and while I aim to buy decor that will remain a classic for years to come, I cannot always be sure of that. Here are some of my recent finds and additions. 

Quite a few months ago I managed to find this beautiful feux tree on Amazon (on sale for under $50!) and added twinkle lights that I had hiding in my closet. I threw on a few bulbs for the holiday season and in excitement of Christmas have already started stashing presents under the tree. I absolutely love gift giving and shopping for others...I especially loved the sparkly wrapping paper and pink Zebra paper I found as well. Both rolls were on sale for under $2 at Homegoods. 

I did a little rearranging and brought this beautiful vase that was in my bedroom into my living room for this inviting table next to my front door. I added a few candy dishes and some of my favorite scents. I love the hidden drawer for keys and coupons. 

After getting tired of tipping over my plastic Softsoap bottle I finally bought a pretty white porcelain soap dispenser (on clearance for $3 at TJ Maxx!). I absolutely love it. The Native American horsehair jewelry dish is from a trip we took to Rhode Island this summer. 

I found these wall scones (together $8 at Marc's) and finished them with a few electric votive candles I had lying around. They completed my bedroom wall! I had been looking for something to balance it for a while. 

This adorable lobster on the wall was also on sale for $2 at Marc's. I have the eye for the closeout is my own personal challenge to make any cheap decoration elegant. 

I found this couch tray at Marc's as well for $3. The mermaid blanket was a gift from my coworker, and I purchased the Lost Ocean adult coloring book in San Francisco this past Spring. It is such a relaxing and mindless activity to do while watching TV. 

This orange was $1 at Marc's! 

I scrounged some of my favorite pretty decorative boxes that I have been saving out of my closet and stacked them. I just love how they look...every box has a different personal meaning to me. 

This table was a score for $15 at TJ Maxx. When I play my piano, I have been straining my eyes because the overhead light is not enough. 

I found this absolutely adorable garden lamp to light up the area. 

Perfection! This painting was featured in a previous "Lately" mom found this for me at a garage sale. I absolutely love garage sale art, and this is one of my favorites. It is an original painting, not a print. 

I managed to find this feux sheepskin fuzzy rug for my office and also hung an old bulletin board from my childhood room to hang some of my favorite photos that I didn't know what to do with.  

This fuzzy throw pillow was also a score at TJ Maxx. I have 6 pillows on my bed. I know it sounds weird, but I like pillows in odd numbers. I feel that they look better stacked in odds (crazy, I know!). 

Side note...this candle was on sale for $4 and the scent cannot be beat. It warms all 1,200 square feet of my apartment with a rich peppermint bark smell. I am on a hunt to find as many of these as I can before the holidays are over. 

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor on deep discount? 


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