Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Week in Photos

Finally, back to the blogging world. I have been fighting bronchitis and a sinus infection for three weeks. I made the mistake of waiting for 2 weeks to go to the doctor, thinking it was a flu, cold, or something I could fight off. It was the most miserable decision that I could have made. I am finally 3 days away from finishing a round of antibiotics and am feeling better. 

I was so excited to have a series of days off of work to catch up on everything from grocery shopping to seeing people I love to just being a person. Today we went to the auto show, tomorrow is a scheduled girl's night with one of my coworkers, and the following evening is a celebration of my grandfather's birthday. This past weekend Will and I also threw in a movie night where I made steak on my new cast iron pan, a visit to the West Side Market for fresh bread, produce and macaroons. I am so excited to have my life back on track, including regular trips to the gym where I can lift the heavy weight that makes me feel like I went there to work out with a purpose. 

I had yet another clearance find at TJ Maxx. Seriously I need to stay out of that place. I just can't help myself when they have items for so cheap that I would have otherwise paid a fortune for. I am one of those people who thrives off of aesthetically pleasing spaces, and my apartment is no exception. I am also a sucker for chochkies. I admit that I love a fresh and modern space with a clean interior. However, I can't help but surround myself with things that make me happy, which is what I believe Lorelai Gilmore said in Gilmore Girls. There is a huge difference between clutter and most loved chochkies, and I like to keep a fine balance. 

On one of the days I started to finally turn the corner on my plague, we took a quick pit stop to the park to take a look at the lake. It was freezing, but we feel SO blessed to live by a large body of water. We take it for granted, but there is nothing like a walk on the lake during the summer to watch the sunset. (We also were walking off the guilt of the macaroons we had just eaten at the West Side Market.)

Ironically enough we ended up stopping for cake donuts at my favorite donut place in the world, Spudnuts. We took 2 home for later. 

Did anyone else hear about the death of Bill Paxton? I was deeply saddened. He was such a fantastic actor and every movie he was in was better because of his presence. We had actually just finished watching Titanic a few hours before I found out. 

Lastly, I have been crushing on the Michele Deco Diamond watch. 

Maybe a purchase far into the future. I never used to like watches just because I didn't like to wear anything tight on my wrist. Lately I have begun to appreciate the beauty in a well made watch. Timepieces are things that can be handed down to your children and grandchildren for years to come. There are certain family heirlooms and timepieces that the women in my family have that I have always admired and I can't wait to pass down coveted pieces of jewelry to my loved ones. This is one of the reasons I think it is important to invest when you are able in things that last for years and years rather than throw money away on trends. 

I topped off the end of my stretch of days off with a wine and mermaid tail night with one of my dear coworkers! 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. 


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  1. You guys are adorable! Love the photos. :)