Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lilly Agendas

I am so excited that the new Lilly Agendas are available for pre-order. 

I do hate that agenda months overlap so much, because I always feel like I am wasting money on months I never use. However, I rely on my calendar so much that I can justify spending the money. 

It was very difficult to make a decision on a print this year. I was stuck between Multi Beach Loot and Indigo Gypsea, and ended up opting for the latter of the two. 

Last year I ended up purchasing the  medium agenda because I thought it would be easier to transport. However, I find that my writing gets crunched and this year I chose to purchase the large agenda. The small only allows me to write down my work schedule and leaves little room for other notes and activities. 

What is your favorite agenda to use, be it Lilly, Kate Spade or Erin Condren?


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