Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy Place: A Birthday Post

I am at such a happy place in my life. I have been working in my profession for over a year, am dating the man of my dreams, and done a considerable amount of traveling for the year. I just wanted to share a little about some of the adventures that have been taking me to my happy place in life lately.

I was blessed to be able to celebrate with family and Will, both together and on a date with Will.
Growing older means times have changed...and I have to work third shift on my birthday. Celebrating on your days off isn't as bad as it sounds...especially when you happen to score 5 days off in a row. I had a Little Mermaid ice cream cake (thanks to Will) and a white on white birthday cake (thanks to my family). Everyone also spoiled me with many bags of Mike and Ikes, my absolutely favorite. Apparently, my sweet tooth is well known to others.

Will then took me out on a dinner and drink date to where we had our first date months ago.
What a wonderful few months of happiness it has been. I cannot speak enough to the saying, find someone who truly makes you happy.

This year, mind you, has also brought me a fair share of difficulty, painful decisions, and learning who I am by having to make some of the hardest decisions of my life. But, the amount of positive energy I have incorporated into my own life by choosing to be happy has had a profound impact on my everyday living. Learning to be happy on my own has been powerful in allowing me to be braver, bolder and more independent and impacting my ability to be happy and outspoken in all intrapersonal relationships.

Looking forward to everything else this world has to bring into my life.


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