Friday, August 19, 2016

The Latest in Lilly

I recently went out to dinner with my lifelong best friend to catch up and for once in my life was early. This left me time to stop into Lilly Pulitzer before dinner...which is always like playing a dangerous game with my wallet. Luckily, I forgot that stores are getting ready for the semi annual sale and putting out items in their sale cabana. How exciting! I usually find 10 things I like or nothing at all in the Lilly sale racks. I often find that the items left are in extremely large or small sizes.

Before heading to the sale rack, I actually happened to try on two navy shift dresses that were still on the racks which I had been loving for a long time. I have almost bought them online countless times. Boy, am I glad I didn't because they fit me terribly. I kept thinking that downsizing would help cinch the dresses in the awkward areas that just were not forming to my body. I was very wrong. I normally wear a 2 or a 4 in Lilly, and I was down to a 00 and the dresses were still fitting oddly. I was frustrated and headed to the sale rack knowing there was no way I was spending $198 on a dress that didn't fit me like a glove. After talking to a sales rep, she agreed that not all Lilly dresses fit the same. I have a Cathy shift and a Janice shift which I think are true to size and fit me gorgeously...and since then, I have not been able to get a Lilly dress to fit me perfectly since.

But, I still made out.

 I managed to steal the  Colette Skort in Pink Pout Barefoot Princess (which I had to size 2 sizes down for...I normally am a 4 and I was a 0) and it is gorgeous. The colors pop, and I feel so much more comfortable in a skort than in a skirt, especially since Lilly skirts seem to run extra short and I am long legged. I have so many white, pink, navy, and blue tops I can wear this skort with. It is truly a Lilly dream, and I still have time left in the year to wear it. The scallops are an added treat.

Photographs do not do the vibrancy of the color palette justice.
I also found it funny that I ended up hating two dresses I thought I would walk out with...and ended up falling in love with the Georgia May Palazzo pant. I did  not anticipate the relaxed pant fit would be something I could pull off since my style is usually crisp and pulled together. However, I instantly fell in love...these pants look so good and they truly feel like pajamas.

If you are loving any of these prints, hurry and add them to your collection because they are not selling them on the main Lilly Pulitzer site any longer. I always try checking sister stores like C. Orrico, Pink Palm, Pink Pelican, Ocean Palm, etc. before resorting to eBay.

I had to size down to an XXS in these pants and the length was still great for me!

Moral of the never know what you are going to end up loving when you walk into a Lilly store. And, if you are going to invest in a piece, you best try it on first.

What have you been loving from Lilly lately?


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