Sunday, May 22, 2016

Living Room Decor

The living room is one of my favorite areas to decorate. I am a firm believer that when it comes to interior decorating, it is crucial to tackle the areas that the most amount of time is spent in by household members and guests. For me, this includes my living room, small dining area, and kitchen.

My living room has the most spunk out of all areas in my apartment. I was allowed to paint an accent wall and chose to go with a Cerulean Blue from Sherwin Williams. This was actually the easiest part for me. I knew I wanted to decorate with navy, yellow, white, aqua, and touches of orange. It only made sense to paint the accent wall aqua! Leaving the wall parallel to the accent wall a tan color allowed my gallery to pop.

The tall floor lamp to the far side of the room is from Better Homes and Gardens. I found it on the other adjacent table lamp with the rope knot is from Homegoods. The large area rug was a fantastic deal on Joss and main. The throw pillows, save for the Lilly Pulitzer pillow, were all from Homegoods as well. The coffee table and end table are matching solid dark wood, and the blue suede couch has a gorgeous seater on the far right end.

Better Homes and Garden lamp purchased on sale from

The bowl on the bottom shelf of the table was purchased from TJ Maxx, and the paisley blue, yellow and white balls were from Michael's. I purchased the adorable tabletop sailboat off Amazon a few months ago.

More to come on coffee table décor soon!

I am a deep lover of all things from the sea, so naturally this Lilly Pulitzer pillow fit perfectly in my apartment.

The large 3 x 4 ' canvas over the couch was an original done by yours truly.
All of the artwork on my walls has actually been painted by me. On the wall across from the couch you will find my own personal gallery.

Photo was taken prior to rearranging room and new furniture.

Unfortunately, a lot of the items used to decorate my living room were purchased on sale a few months ago or from stores like TJ Maxx, Amazon and Homegoods so I cannot give you a direct link.

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Have a great start to your week!


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