Wednesday, September 28, 2016

An Honest Lilly Pulitzer Planner Commentary

I must admit, I am slightly disappointed in Lilly's planner selection this year. Last year I purchased the 2015-2015 Large Lobstah Roll Agenda which had a covered spine. I loved this feature because I tend to throw my agenda in my bag, and the rings always got bent. This caused pages of my agenda to tear every time I turned a page.

 This year, I feel that not only is the covered spine agenda not an option, but there are far fewer designs to choose from in each size as well. It seems to me that there always seems to be the largest number of prints in the Large and Jumbo agenda sizes, which seems like an advertising stunt to me - the larger the agenda, the steeper the price. To be honest, I find that the large agenda are too large. Unless you are in college or involved in a few of your children's activities, I find that I could not possibly think of that many things to write in both the monthly and weekly layout spaces. 

Furthermore, I am patiently waiting for the yearly agendas to come out. Yes folks, this means an agenda that spans from January to December of the year. I always feel as if it is a waste of both paper and money when the 18 month agendas overlap and I end up not using a large majority of the months. However, it does make for more scrapbooking paper afterwards! (Coming soon...a few different DIY crafts which can be accomplished with Lilly agenda paper.) 

What do you think about the Lilly agendas this year? 
Any recommendations for a better agenda? I have heard great things about Kate Spade's. 


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