Saturday, September 17, 2016

New Lips, New Hair, Don't Care

A week ago I chose to forgo my long locks for the fall and debut a new choppy bob. I am so in love with my choice and also chose to snaz things up even more by choosing a dark lip for autumn.

To be completely and totally transparent, I wanted to try out the new fad of matte lip paint which has become so popular with the Kylie lip kits, but I did not want to directly support the Kardashians with any of my money. So, I chose to go with an environmentally friendly version of the same concept at a store I love. 

I cannot say enough good things about Tarte's lip paint. It glides on smoothly and dries into a creamy matte. I have tried every drugstore brand lip stain there is, and they just do not stick no matter what primer is applied. I got to work for 13 hours at a time, and the last thing on my mind is reapplying makeup. I want to put it on and not worry about weird patches that stick around after eating. Some things are worth a little extra cash, and this $20 luxury lip paint is just it. 

I am wearing the Tarte lip paint in "Brownie - Brown" which you can purchase here. I was actually color matched by a Sephora employee while I was there,  Essentially, she takes a small computer with a camera on it, cleans it off, puts it on your cheek, forehead and chin and takes multiple photos of your skin. It then matches you up to different shades of every product they have and recommends specific products & brands that will work seamlessly with your skin.

While I did like the recommendations given to me by the color matching, they were (as I expected) lighter shades of pinks and maudes to go with my fair skin. I chose to break the rules of color and get the brown shade I had my eyes on.

I do, however, highly recommend taking advantage of the fact that you can try on different lip shades while there. I have never done this, but with taking such a risk and getting a different color completely out of my norm I knew it was necessary.

All of this being said, the lip stain stays on for at least 6 hours and I have received countless compliments on my new look.

Have you shaken anything up out of your beauty routine lately? 


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