Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Best in Beauty 2016 (And Where to Find Them!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a deep love for cosmetics. Maybe it is my love for art and anything that involves me being able to be in control and create an image or foundation that I have in my head, but I absolutely love getting up for the day and creating a set "look" that I have in mind. I have a job that requires me to wear scrubs on the daily, so being able to play with makeup and stud earrings really makes me excited. I am sharing my tried and true favorite beauty products of 2016, though some of these products I have been using for years now.

Another thing I have learned over the last few years is that some brands of cosmetics come with a price, and often that price is directly related to the quality that you will get from that product. After 12 hour shifts, sweating, tears and stress, I have learned that products that run in the upper teens to low 20s price range really do the job, and stay put for 14 hours plus. That is why these beauty products are truly what I believe to be some of the best on the market!

Best in Beauty 2016

Christian Dior thickening mascara

This mascara is tried and true...really the only mascara that allows me to layer as much or as little as I would like without clumping. Also, this stuff does not budge after working for 12 hours. A winner, though a little pricey. This mascara also seems to last forever, which is a huge perk for the price tag.

Stila lipstick

I tried Stila's Stay All Day liquid lipstick this year and fell in love. I want it in alllll the colors. Not only do I get a ton of compliments, but this liquid lipstick actually leaves my lips looking and feeling smoother than when I put it on, even if my lips are chapped. It also stays on after eating a lunch for me.

Too Faced Cosmetics cheek bronzer

My absolute favorite bronzer. I actually received a sample of this a few years ago with the Sephora beauty rewards and have been using it to contour ever since. I use this underneath my cheekbones, my temples, on both sides of my nose, under my chin and on my jawline and top my cheeks off with Too Faced blush.

Tarte eyeliner

This is my runner up eyeliner (my favorite is the Tarte Long Wear liquid eyeliner which is below). I swear this creamy formula stays on all day and also looks beautiful blended on underneath the eyes. The only reason it is a runner up is because you need a brush to apply it, and sometimes I like the quick application of a liquid eyeliner that has a brush already in the product.

Urban Decay palette eyeshadow

This is my go to shadow palette. With a perfect mix of mattes and shimmery shadows, nudes and greys all the way to the blackest of blacks, this shadow truly is for everyone. I tend to like this palette better than the other Naked assortments because I think it gives more depth than just a bunch of shimmery nude shadows.

Revlon spf foundation
$17 -

This is the drugstore foundation I have used since 8th grade...and I will never again use anything else. This is one of my cult favorites that, if ever discontinued, I will honestly not know what to do! I always put this on as my base and then use a Physician's Formula powder foundation on top to wick away grease and shine throughout the day.

Tarte long wear eyeliner

The eyeliner that I love. Pros: This comes with the hardiest liquid eyeliner that allows a ton of control. The fine point brush lets you create super fine wings and layer on without putting on more than you wanted (and, this is so hard to get off that having to reapply is a mess!) Luckily, the hardiness of this eyeliner means that the waterproof is no lie. It also comes with a black eyeliner crayon at the other end. I think this might win for my favorite discovered product of the year.

Too Faced Cosmetics concealer

Hands down, the best concelear that there ever was. This has even covered up cystic breakouts for me, and will cover up even the darkest of blemishes with appropriate layering techniques.

Eye makeup

I use this before going out to weddings, date nights, or any kind of outing where I really want my eyeshadow to stay down. This keeps your shadow from creasing for at least 10 hours, even in hot weather!

What are your favorite products of the year? I would love to know!


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