Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Favorite Trending Things

I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite things which are all the rage right now.

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1. Classy by Derek Blasberg is a quick and easy read which would honestly be great for a hostess gift. It encompasses everything that a classy lady should know, be, and resemble in this modern day world. His sense of humor and the colorful photos just make this book. I would recommend it to anyone older than the age of 16! (Perks: it is a very visually appealing book and would make a great coffee table accessory.) 

2. I know I have posted about them multiple times, but I just can't get over how adorable these tassel earrings by Lisi Lerch are. I can't stop admiring how stunning they are. The glass beads flowing as you move with the free hanging tassels makes these an eye-catching earring. I have been a fan of stud earrings for a while as they are easier on the ear and not so overwhelming, but this is a statement piece that would be worn for years to come. 

3. I know Gilmore Girls has been all over the news lately with the release of the last season. Regardless of how the last season ends (which I don't know yet, so don't spoil it!) I am really enjoying this show so far. It is one of those easy to watch shows, sin the gore and unpleasant suspense that seems to accompany a lot of the shows mobbing television of shows that leave you walking away feeling good. 

4. I haven't found this candle anywhere but at TJ Maxx so far, but I want to eat it and all of my guests have agreed completely. Buy it while you can! 


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