Friday, December 16, 2016


So excited to share this week's lately post with you all!

I have mentioned before that I have an obsession with Tokidoki art toys, in particular unicornos, mermicornos, and cactus pups. I saw these cactus pup macarons on Instagram this week and fell in deep love with these sweet treats.

I would love to find a way to make these with my own Babycakes cake pop maker, which I also wanted to mention as one of my favorite ideas for a Christmas gift for her!

This makes not only cake pops, but also mini donuts, dipping balls, and plenty of other appetizers that you can read about the in the Babycakes cookbook. I highly recommend this as a stocking stuff in addition to the gift, because there are so many ideas the book accompanies that I would have never thought of.

Who else received the Lilly Pulitzer catalot this past week with a stunning sample of Lilly Pulitzer wrapping paper?! It made me excited for next summer already. Lilly has been hitting the nail on the head with prints lately. I definitely had to exercise self control not to purchase anything in the catalog, but did use the wrapping paper for my sister's birthday gift!

I recently discovered Poshmark, a  website similar to eBay that allows you to sell your gently used
clothing for a fraction of the price. I have some of my own items listed as well, and have already sold a few! I love that you can use money from items that you sell to purchase other items. I have also found that many of the items listed on Poshmark are actually NWT (new with tags!). Within 24 hours of discovering the Poshmark app I scored these 2 Devon Baer silk tops and this ruffled Elizabeth McKay top. I grew up with a mother who believed in the magic of garage sales and thrift stores, and I have maintained that mentality. This site is essentially that...but allows me the luxury of sitting on my couch while rummaging! I highly encourage you to check it out.

You can view my Poshmark listings here. I currently only have accessory listings, I have not had a chance to comb through my closet as of yet.

Additionally, driving to work in complete whiteouts is what the beginning of my next six months is looking like.

Finally, Will surprised me the other night with pizza and The Secret Life of Pets.
Probably the best movie I have seen this year aside from St. Vincent with Bill Murray.

What is new lately with you?


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