Friday, December 23, 2016

Lately: Holiday Edition

I have been having a wonderful time this holiday season with family and friends.
Last weekend I had a holiday outing with coworkers from our unit. We went out to a German restaurant and bar downtown where they sell beer by the liter. Though dark, the beer is frothy, smooth, and almost has a chocolate consistency to it. The food was delicious. Will ordered Pork Schnitzels and Spätzle's.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is fantastic. The waitresses and waiters are dressed in traditional German attire. There is always live music, chanting and dancing. It is not uncommon for every few minutes groups of people to stand on the table and sing or pound their glasses on the table.

I wore my Lisi Lerch earrings and an Elizabeth McKay top which I found on deep discount on Poshmark. Seriously, the deals on brand names on this gently used clothing site are dangerous. However, I love that you can sell your own items to use as credits.

My dear Aunt from San Francisco came and added to my Tokidoki and Kidrobot toy collection with this delicious eight inch Lord Strange Dunny.

For those who do not have an appreciation for art toys, it might be hard to appreciate this Dunny.
You can read about my obsession with toys all throughout my blog. Here is a little intro to Lord Strange for those who don't know him:

"...Brandt Peters and Kidrobot present Lord Strange, the ringleader of the sold out The 13 series! Lord Strange is the shady eccentric responsible for opening the 13th Dimension that unleashed the creatures of The 13 series! After a long and mysterious disappearance, Lord Strange has returned to Infernal Manor as an 8” Dunny." 

I love how he looks on my self against my aqua wall.

Will and I had our very first Christmas together and it was wonderful. We had it by candlelight (suggested by him!) and it was magical, though I turned on lights for the photo. This is the first time that either of us had cooked a Christmas ham, and the getting the glaze right was an experience. While the ham did happen to come with glaze, Will accidentally poured two cups of water into the mix instead of two tablespoons. I looked up an impromptu recipe for glaze and then I changed it to my discretion.

For our mustard brown sugar glaze:

1 cup of brown sugar
3 tablespoons of spicy brown mustard
Add stadium mustard to taste

The family pitty bull watched hungrily from the family room.

We made a fire and hung our needlepoint stockings with care (which I previously posted about and you can find here).

I love how our names printed on the stockings turned out. We will cherish these for years to come.

I have also been enjoying my secret Santa gift from the exchange at work, including a Protein Shaker filled with candy, Aveda cleansing oil, and an adorable snowman chocolate melt.

What have you been up to this holiday season?


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