Friday, February 3, 2017

Lately: 5 on Friday Edition

Linking up with Smidge of This and a few other blogs for 5 on Friday where i post about 5 things on my mind. 

January was a busy month for me, and February is looking just as fun. I had a rocky start to 2016 so having such a positive start to the New Year is allowing me to have a a fresh outlook and it is impacting my mood, my confidence and overall happiness. 

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2. Will recently needed new plates, and I steered him in the classic direction of navy and white. When I had to buy all new dinnerware in the last year, I made the mistake of purchasing ceramic dishware that was just not classic. In fact, my tastes changed so quickly that now I loathe them. I never realized how easy it was to hate dinnerware until you start to hate it even more with each use. It is a "trendy" set, and I have hopes that if we end up living together one day I will get to enjoy the gorgeous 74 piece set that he ordered. 

They are all made in the USA and came with 12 place settings, including fruit bowls, cereal bowls, full plates, salad plates, multiple serving platters and snap on lids for serving bowls. I especially love this feature, because it gets annoying to transfer all leftovers to smaller bowls which really only means wasting more water when either washing the dishes or loading up the dishwasher. One of my favorite touches on this set is the navy rim on the bowls. 

3. I recently took a quick trip to Pittsburgh and I received a few questions on my jacket and earrings. 

I wanted to share the details of the outfit I went sight-seeing and touring the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in. Shop by scrolling below. The Lisi Lerch earrings are probably one of my favorite statement pieces that I own. I could not recommend the turquoise color enough. I think it is a classic pop of color that would look great with any outfit. For instance, they would look great with a fuchsia dress or an emerald blazer, or even a little black dress. From weddings to dinner dates to a day on the town running errands I think these will carry you through the years as a classic accessory sure to get you many compliments.  

4. Though I don't talk about frequently, I love working out. I love all of the health benefits lifting has to offer. I love how I feel afterwards. I love watching progress transform me, and I love seeing the definition in my muscles improve over time. I rotate my targeted workouts through the week, including legs, arms, and back. I also mix in running, ab circuits, and deadlifts. I will try to post more on my fitness routines in the upcoming weeks.

 I love to take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) and Glutamine before and after each workout to help with lean muscle growth. I feel like they also give me more energy and force me to drink more water when in the powder form. I chose not to take a preworkout because I do not react well to high doses of caffeiene but feel like this gives me just enough of an edge prior to a heavy lifting session. When taking BCAAs, the more important thing to look for is the quantity of leucine which is the amino acid that is mostly responsible for muscle synthesis. This supplement has 3500 mg in a scoop. I also supplement with an additional 2500 of glutamine from a different supplement, which I usually buy based on what the best price is at the time of purchase per serving since glutamine can be pricey. I would highly recommend this supplement combination to anyone who is into working out and wants to see progress and increased muscle definition albeit beware it will not happen overnight. 

5. I just made it onto season 3 of Gilmore Girls, but also recently watched The Imitation Game (about breaking the Enigma code in WWII), The Eighties (an incredible documentary on everything from Michael Jackson to the Berlin wall during a groundbreaking decade), and 9/11: Stores in Fragments (a documentary on that warm September day we will never forget). I would recommend the last three Netflix finds to any couple watching TV together, especially The Imitation Game. The cinematography and soundtrack were stunning. We really enjoyed it, and I am so glad we watched it as the name rung a bell instantly after seeing it had been added. I remember it being nominated for countless awards last year. I never realized how many controversial issues the move addressed. 



  1. Great post! Happy Friday - hope you enjoy the weekend! :)

  2. Snap on lids for serving dishes is brilliant. It drives me crazy every night when I have to transfer leftovers to an entirely new container!

    1. Seriously...I never even knew that this existed when buying dishware until I had him buy new Corelle dishware. I wish Fiesta dinnerware did this too!