Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Secrets to a Happy Coffee Table

I LOVE coffee tables. Actually, let me use this opportunity to announce how much I love tables in general. They are such a simple aesthetic yet they express so much about our decorating scale, our own personal happiness and our likes. They are the perfect place to lay out things that make us smile, make our hearts dance. Things we love to look at. The perfectly decorated table makes a perfectly decorated room...which is why I am only allowed into TJ Maxx every once in a while because I end up walking out with another table. I wanted to share a few of the secrets that I think make the perfect table top, be it your coffee table, night stand, end table or entry way decor. 

1. Faux flowers can be very tasteful in small amounts. Of course fresh flowers are preferred, but I find that shallow jars of flowers are my favorite. 

2. Coffee table books in stacks are a must. I always keep on hand a book of prints from my favorite artist (Monet!), a book I am reading, and a neat stack of magazines. Although difficult to see, I have multiple stacks of books underneath the glass. 

3.  A mirrored catchall is also a must. Try to get one at a closeout store like TJ Maxx , Marshall's or Homegoods. They bring the table together and the mirror opens up the area even more. The reflections of a candle off of the glass also is gorgeous for ambiance when the rest of the lights are dimmed. 

4. I am a huge fan of candles stacked on top of books. It makes the pile look complete. If not candles, use gemstones, large trinkets or cute bookends. 

5. A stack of coasters is a must in every room. Try to avoid wood or paper coasters. They look cheap. 

6. All kitchen and formal tables should have a table runner (I had my grandmother sew this one for me with fabric of my choice), formal napkins, a centerpiece and adjacent decor to balance. For instance, I always use a round bowl with some type of filler and then use something on each side of it, whether it is a set of taper candles, these cute bunnies, or tumber jars. 

And though not a tabletop, I am just as big of a fan of feng shui in the bathroom. Always have a luxurious pair of lotions out for guests. Use a solid soap dispenser rather than a plastic jar or a bar of soap which can get melted and look messy. Use a neutral photo in a frame and a funky jewelry catchall for extra spunk. 

What are your secrets to the perfect table? 


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  1. I have always loved table runners, I wish I could have one but thanks to my jerk of a cat it can't happen haha.