Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Listings on Paintings By Rachael

If you are following my print shop Paintings By Rachael either on my blog or on Instagram at @paintingsbyrachael, then you may or may not know that from time to time I post new listings more frequently than I do here on my blog. However, I keep the most current prices here on A Duchess & A Blog. I was so excited the other night to find some great deals on my absolute favorite Liquitex BASICS acrylic paints on Amazon and purchased a new set as well as new brushes. I have been loving the same set since high school, and I admit I am emotionally attached to my old art supplies.

So much time, energy, sweat, tears and thought have been dumped into my precious paintings over time. I have evoked the conspiracies and passions from within my soul and  pressed them onto paper and canvases with brushstrokes and easy breathing, and I look around my apartment and walls at all of the pieces I have created and I am hesitant to throw out the products of my favorite supplies that have been broken in over years and years. However, it was finally time. These two new listings will be the last installments in my portfolio using my trusty old brushes.

Acrylic on Canvas, Peonies in a Ginger Jar ($50)

Acrylic on Canvas, Chandelier Through Champagne Glasses ($50) 

Travel over to my tab to inquire about purchasing any prints. I think these have to be some of my favorite pieces yet. I will post photos of where I place them once I figure it out. I absolutely love that my entire apartment is decorated with my own artwork. Not only is it more cost friendly than buying all original artwork (except when I have to frame everything), but it makes my home such a personal place. Each painting brings back memories not only of completing if but of the time in my life during which it was completed, the album I was listening to while painting or drawing, emotions I felt at the time and the mood of the room that added to the mood and spirit of the canvas.


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  1. You are so talented! I envy those like you who can envision something and bring it to life. It's amazing!