Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What I'm Crushing On

Some of the things I am crushing on lately include...

This unbelievably sweet Sylvie Mini Chain Handbag  which will never be mine due to price constraints. However, the colors, crispness of the bow, and buttery leather are to die for. I will be stalking ebay and The Real Real in the future for this on consignment. 

My mom found me this adorable mini shopping card at a closeout store, and I am using it for my shopping list. I love all things that tiny that are not usually intended to be tiny. So cute, it makes the thought of going to the grocery store a little less dreadful and is so appropriate in the kitchen. 

I love this covered ottoman which I found at (you guessed it) TJ Maxx. My storage closet was overflowing. Every single time I closed the door I ripped a hole in my scrapbook bag, boxes for my ebay listing fell off the stack, and the avalanche began. I had so many things stacked on my storage containers that they were bowing and it created a war every single time I needed to find something. Having this extra storage space is a dream, and it looks so tidy. I wish I could take a nap on it, but it isn't long enough. I love that I have the option of using this at the end of a bed in the future if I wish. 


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  1. That mini shopping cart is amazing!! Such a cute find.