Thursday, February 2, 2017

L'Occitane Favorites

On our recent trip to Pittsburgh, Will and I wandered into a L'Occitane store. I have honestly never tried their products and am so glad we did. I love that the products are based on organic farming, although I admit I was semi disappointed when I found out that the hand gel did have parabens in it, although some studies are suggesting that parabens might not actually affect fertility. Regardless, I always feel better knowing all of the ingredients in a product I am using on my skin.

This winter have a spa day for yourself. I picked both my skincare and See's candies favorites 
for a relaxing night in. 

The shea butter based bar soap is incredible. I have used body wash my entire life and found that I did not need to reapply and relather. I also felt like my skin had a soft protective coating after in the best way from the ultrahydration of shea butter.

The hand gel is another one of my new favorites. albeit I admit I was hesitant to make the purchase due to the price. However, I am very hard on my hands while washing them at the hospital almost around the clock and decided to make the purchase. The cooling sensation of the hand gel is incredible and I feel like the gel base soaks in so much easier without leaving a greasy film.

Shop all of our L'Occitane pics below. I love that Will helped me make this list, because it goes to show that high quality skin products are for everyone. Next time I go back I would love to try some of the Rose scented products, though I find the refreshing hints of citrus in the skincare I purchased very uplifting.

Another tip? Use the shea butter pot not only on your lips but also on your cuticles and feet!

Have you ever tried L'Occitane? I am interested in maybe finding an eye cream from them!



  1. Ohh these products sound amazing!

    1. I am obsessed...they make me feel like I am at the spa on the daily!