Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Perfect Party Mix Encyclopedia

Today I am hosting a guest post by Sherry from Personal Creations. They have an entire website filled with delicious goodies, and today we are teaming up to share delicious (and easy!) party mixes. There are countless options at the link in the post below, and you can interchange many ingredients for favorites of your own. Enjoy!


The month of February seems to get a bad rap. Many think of it as a boring break between the end of the holidays and the start of a new spring. However, the reality is that there's tons to look forward to this month! Opportunities to gather and celebrate with friends abound, whether it be for Valentines Day, Mardis Gras, or even an Oscars viewing party.  

Regardless of what type of shindig you're throwing this month, you know you'll need snacks. That's why Personal Creations created these party mix recipes. With flavors ranging from sweet to salty and everything in between, there's a taste to suit every party-goer's palate. I'll be making the Sweet and Salty M&M mix for my next movie and Netflix night to finish the last two seasons of The Office with Will.  

Sweet and Salty Party Mix

The following recipe was borrowed from Personal Creations from the party mixes link above. 

1 cup vanilla rice breakfast cereal
1 cup mini graham crackers
2 cups popcorn
1 cup pretzels
½ cup salted peanuts
½ cup dark chocolate candy melts
½ cup white chocolate candy melts
½ cup candy-coated chocolates
Instructions: Line cookie sheet with parchment paper and spread cereal, pretzels, popcorn and peanuts on top. Separately melt candy melts and pour into bowls. Use spoon to drizzle over cereal mixture. Top with candies and let chocolate set.


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  1. This sounds amazing!! Especially the graham crackers, those are my favorite.