Thursday, January 19, 2017

Country Club Prep & Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt Review

I was so excited to receive this Limited Edition Vineyard Vines and Country Club Prep shep shirt in the mail a few days ago. If you are looking for the perfect accessory to transition you from season to season, this is absolutely it.

I won't lie, I am a huge fan of French Cotton Terry. This shep shirt is no exception. The quality is unmatched by any other pullover that I have, and I love that it is not mixed with acrylic, polyester, and other faux fabrics. Not only is this warm and perfect for layering in the winter, but it will breathe and take you from campfires to graduation parties in the summer. It washes well without fading color, although if you are like me I would strongly recommend against drying any of your better clothing. I usually fluff in the dryer for 5 minutes and then hang to dry over a towel. 

I think this shep shirt is impeccable, and the classic navy color will pair beautifully with a crisp white shirt or over a bright polo. Or, try throwing it over a classic Lilly shift dress this summer for a walk on the beach at night. The runching at the end of fitted sleeves adds to the sophistication of this modern day pullover, so it passes by as dressy instead of sloppy. Some might even categorize this Vineyard Vines and CCP crossover as the newly framed "athleisure." 

Other features I enjoy from Vineyard Vines and Country Club Prep include that the companies understand the need for understated logos. Though the style of padded shoulders and boxy fabric squares is immediately recognizable as a product of Vineyard Vines, the small Longshanks logo on the left arm small Vineyard Vines logo on the left breast is a brisk statement of your appreciation for preppy outerwear without needing to assert status. 

I used my normal size in this outwear, and am wearing a small.
I chose to style this for a winter walk on an unexpectedly nice day. While cloudy, the low 50s were warm enough to bust out my favorite tennis and workout leggings for a walk at a local reserve, hence exemplifying how this can be a perfect athleisure outfit. I can't wait to wear this on the beach when we take our trip to Rhode Island to visit old friends in July. The navy goes with everything, which is why it is the color I would recommend to everyone.

Looking for a similar classic pullover that is just as pulled together? I love the Blakely Pullover from Lauren James that can be found both at Country Club Prep and Tide & Peak Outfitters.  
This pullover exudes the same classic, and pulled together pullover (no pun intended) taste as the Vineyard Vines shep shirt. 

After browsing Tide & Peak, I was immensely impressed by their selection of preppy goods. They are also one of the last places online that you can find True Grit pullovers in stock! If you read my post back in the fall on True Grit Pullovers, then you know it is a must have and I live in mine. Reread it here  and then make the purchase! 



  1. I love their on the sleeve and your new hair cut!


    1. Thanks Lauren! It is SO comfy and the quality is supreme. I also cut my hair because the length in a ponytail was even getting to be too much for me.

  2. Oh it's super cute!!! I love the different colors.