Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Getting Organized With Lilly

At the last Lilly After Party Sale I purchased an agenda folio for nearly a quarter of the price, and I fell in love. It has so many pockets, and I can fit my tablet into it if I need to. In addition to have a zippered pocket both inside and outside of the folio, there are plenty of places for sliding papers, stickers, notecards, pens, pencils, post-its and more. I was so sad to find out that it is no longer for sale.

The tech case (pictured below) is available for purchase and is very similar. now that I have the agenda folio I am finally able to carry around items that I always pine to have with me but have nowhere to put. For instance, it is always useful to have notecards, blank thank yous, stamps, a few cute stickers, coupons, and multiple colors of pen. I also prefer to keep a highlighter, white out pen, and a few different colored Sharpies with me as well as a pair of scissors. While the agenda folio is on the larger side and could possibly be mistaken for a laptop case, it is quite possibly my new best friend.

While it is available on sites like Amazon that hang on to Lilly items for longer than they are up for purchase on the site, I found plenty of items to help with organization that are still for sale. I love all of the options Lilly has for coin purses and keeping together small items in a large bag, like the coin purses and pouches. The notecard set would be a great gift for anyone in college, and the water bottle is the perfect surprise for any workout junkie in your life.

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