Sunday, January 29, 2017


You may have read my post a few weeks ago about making extra money at home. When I switched blog domains after life changing events, I didn't make it a huge focus to obtain an income from my blog. I will admit I used to sell ad spaces and made a decent amount of PayPal cash doing so. However, it became exhausting focusing on creating so many sponsor shout out posts a week, as I felt a lot of my content was related only to clothing and products that my sponsors were selling. I always make sure that when accepting a partnership with any sponsor, that their products and mission align with my blog style. No one wants to read a blog that is solely promoting other companies in a mess of advertisements and product plugs. 

This all being said, I miss the extra little money that was coming in with the hobby that I spend so much time investing in. So, I started looking for extra ways to make "chump change," which is what I use to buy things that I don't need but have had my eye on. Read my previous post to see how I make a decent amount of change using eBates, cashback, and Swagbucks. 

I was recently reading another blog friend's post and heard about Ibotta.  I promise, I am not getting any compensation for this post so it is my opinion only. 

You can download this app on both Android and Apple phones. It is so easy to use, the premise being earning money for things you need to buy anyways. Before going to the store to grocery shop, buy cosmetics, etc., you use the app to search for the store you are going to shop at, and then search through the deals and rebates they are offering. Select the deals on items you will be buying (like .50 cents back on milk, 50 cents back on bananas, or $1.00 back just for buying grocery items). They will be saved to your virtual "cart." When you return from shopping, take a photo of your receipt and the app will verify cashback on your purchases and credit your account within 24 hours. 

Seriously, I about flipped when within a day of having this app I earned $2.50 searching through old receipts on items I had to buy anyways to survive, like food. After earning $20 in cashback and rebates you can redeem your account balance for various gift cards, even if that means returning the money you saved and continue to use it to buy more groceries. 

Growing up, I always remember my mom using coupons. I am a single girl living in my own apartment, and I do not buy enough food to use the countless coupons that I clip and hide in my coupon sorter. I rarely replace toilet paper, and milk, bread and orange juice seem to be the items I purchase the most. Rather than wasting time clipping coupons I never end up using, it is so much easier for me just to use this app to quickly search for items that I will be purchasing immediately. 

Also worth mentioning...there are bonuses for every few rebates you redeem. Recommend this app to your friend, have them use your coupon code, and they will earn $10 and you have $5 credited to your account. Sweet!

I definitely think this is one of those apps that you need to recommend to your frugal friends. 
You're welcome, in advance. 



  1. I really need to get better about using this app! I've only heard great things about it.

    1. seriously, you should! It is SO easy. I even showed my boyfriend who is technologically challenged and he loves it. Between ebates and Ibotta, I have been getting so much money back. I try to check both of the sites with my receipts. I like Ibotta because I can take a photo of the whole receipt to earn multiple rebates instead of submitting each one idividually.