Friday, January 6, 2017

My Favorite Trending Websites

I can't wait to share with you some of my favorite new websites that are up and coming! 
Some of them I have mentioned before, but I wanted to go into depth about why I love them so much. Please note that I am not affiliates with any of these sites so you can trust my honest and excited opinion in this text heavy post. 

1. This is one of my favorite new consignment shops. It offers luxury items at such affordable prices because they have been gently used. And when I say gently, I mean that many of these items are brand new with tags and have been in storage. When you sign up for the first time you will get $100 off your first purchase of $400 or more (so save this for when you have a splurge in mind). They also offer 20% off sales frequently, which is how I scooped up my new LV bag recently. 

I love that all luxury items sold on The Real Real have to go through a multi-step authentication process before they are shipped out to you. I would say the description of the item I received was spot on. My recommendation is to make sure you know a lot about the luxury item you would like to purchase before you do, because a lot of items for sale on TRR are not returnable; however, you can trust that the item you are buying is exactly what you think it is as well as what it looks like in photos. 

2. This is my second runner up for used luxury items online. The only reason I say runner up is because many of the items are sold through other sellers through Tradesy rather than through Tradesy itself (which is what The Real Real does). However, Tradesy has a policy that all items can be returned at any time for a site credit. I ordered a wallet off Tradesy that I have not received yet so I cannot speak to it. However, I noticed that it was sold through another consignment store company that is using Tradesy as another listing opportunity so it looked legit. I could see the inside of the beautiful store in the background of the photos. 

Also, Tradesy will offer a discount on many items during sales as well as $25 off your first purchase. I must also mention that with both The Real Real and Tradesy you can consign with the company for future site credits! In with the old and out with the new. 

3. This is not a luxury consignment store, but rather a way to make money. You will not get rich quick with Swagbucks, but you can definitely make a few hundred dollars over the course of the year. I used this website in college and made $25 gift cards here and there which I used to go out to dinner. 

The premise of the website is being able to complete sponsored activities to earn virtual points that eventually equate to money. For example, every 150 "Swagbucks" is equivalent to $1 USD. You can earn them by watching videos, taking daily polls and surveys, playing games, downloading apps, entering coupon codes for free Swagbucks, etc. I like to take an extra fifteen minutes out of my day if I have time on the computer to earn as many as I can. 

You can cash in your swagbucks for gift cards to virtually any online store, restaurants, coupons, etc. It is also worth it to download the Swagbucks bar if you are interested because it will remind you if you are on a site that will allow you to earn Swagbucks like ebates just for shopping on the sites you are already going to purchase from. It is a great way to earn extra chump change for yourself. 

4. I mentioned Poshmark before as well. It is a great way to earn and sell gently used clothes as well. For purchasing discounted and hard to find items from Lilly, Devon Baer, Elizabeth McKay and the like it is excellent; however, be wary if you are going to be purchasing expensive luxury items. Though Poshmark offers free authentication on purchases over a certain dollar amount, I would personally feel more comfortable knowing they have been shipped to an authenticator prior to me purchasing the item so I know my money is being well spent. I myself have a few items listed on Poshmark and you can view them by clicking on the link above. I will be honest, I think the items that sell best on this site are sought after brand names. 

Are there any websites that you have been loving a lot lately? Please share below! 


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