Tuesday, January 10, 2017


As you know, every week I like to share off my Instagram feed everything that I have been up to lately. Here I can elaborate a little more in depth about what fun things have been going on in my life. You can follow along at @theduchess1317 on Instagram, or click on the Insta-feed in the sidebar to the right. As I mentioned before, A Duchess & A Blog is now on Bloglovin as well. I am so excited to have added these new features to my little corner of the Internet, which is a true labor of love. 

Other fun features that have been added to the blog lately include a list of all of the blogs I love to follow as well as a list of hyperlinks to the places I love to shop, which are included in the list alongside my blog archive in the right hand sidebar.  I have additionally added a "Favorites" tab which I previously mentioned. Here you can view my most loved posts according to views. However, please note that I will refrain from including recipes and all of the "Lately" posts, as these can be found by searching the phrase word "Lately" in the search bar and they will all populate.  I will include some of the most loved Lately posts of all time. 

Now, off my soapbox...here is what I have been up to the past week!

I was so excited to finally use the breakfast goodies that I got for a steal on Black Friday. I may not have announced it here, but I am a huge connoisseur of breakfast. I want alllll the breakfast foods. Part of this is probably associated with working third shift and breakfast being my main meal of the day. The day after Thanksgiving I was able to score a large Cooks griddle from JCPenny for eight dollars (normally fourty) and a Bella waffle maker for free from Macy's. While I am not able to find the exact replica of the Bella waffle maker as I believe it was a special edition for the Macy's Black Friday rebate special, I was able to find a very inexpensive and practical waffle maker from Hamilton Beach which I have linked above. I have a few Hamilton Beach kitchen products and they have worked for years! Will and I enjoyed this delicious plate of breakfast goods on NYE. 

The Lilly napkins were given to me by someone who knew I would appreciate them...and I love how they look layered with my yellow napkins. 

If you have been reading my blog even for a minute then you know I am obsessed with Kidrobot and Tokidoki art toys. I was so excited when Will surprised me with a late Christmas gift...this Sonic the Hedgehog colorway toy to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sega's classic video game character. While I am not a video game junkie by any means, I am easily addicted to the colorful classic games of Pac-Man, Sonic and Super Mario. This electic and bright toy fit perfectly on one of my decorative shelves and adds to the whimsical decor in my nautical home. I love that there were only 200 of these pieces made worldwide. 

I spent my New Year's Day recovering from the wedding celebration we had in downtown CLE the night before as well as making two loaves of banana bread. As a carb junkie, I cannot get enough. 

Score! I found this on deep, deep, deep discount at The Real Real. 
If you have not checked out this online luxury consignment store, now is the time. Many of the products look like they have been used from women like me...which is not enough. Needless to say, beautiful goods and accessories end up sitting in the closet for months when they could be loved in other homes. This particular consignment store is offering 20% off many of their items for a while and you will also receive another fraction of money off for signing up for an account. 

I was not so much of a happy camper when I had to go into Sephora for the third time after swearing myself off because I lost my Benefit Watts Up! stick for the second time, which meant I had to replace it for the third. At thirty dollars a pop, I was angry but at least I have been getting a lot of beauty points and reward products in return. 

Unfortunately, this is one of the absolute staples in my beauty routine. I swear that I can get away with wearing less makeup when I use this highlighter because it truly brightens all the right areas of my face (bridge of my nose, cheekbones, edges of my forehead, tip of my chin). 

What have you been up to lately? 
I have some exciting reviews coming to the blog soon so stay tuned!


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