Monday, January 23, 2017

Louis Vuitton Keyholder Review

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was saving up some of the money that I earned through Swagbucks, blog ads, eBay and Poshmark in order to buy a Louis Vuitton key holder. I did lots of research before investing in this, because I realize it is a little pricey for a small piece of leather. However, I knew the quality that comes with Louis Vuitton products is impeccable and I want this to be something that I bought once.

To be honest, I looked for used options first. Tradesy and The Real Real are my favorite sites for used luxury goods because they go through a long and reliable authentication process. Poshmark is a close second, but I don't like that the item needs to be over $500 for the free authentication process because I also like to browse for small leather goods like this.

I chose to opt for the monogram canvas, because I feel it is classic and also matches my recently thrifted Louis Speedy 35 bag. I also feel that it is sturdy and least likely to fade from normal wear and tear. The Damier is my second favorite option, but again I think the monogram is most classic and I enjoy matching bags and wallets as much as the next woman likes matching bras and panties.

I like the 6 key option best, because it allows me to use two of the hooks for rewards cards (which used to take up a huge bulk of my key ring). I use another hook for my house keys, one for my boyfriend's house keys, one for my car ring, and another for my mailbox holder. This hits the spot for those who valet frequently because you can simply slide the holster to the side and pull off a key with the hook. I also like the convenience of being able to carry my ID, an emergency $20, and a credit card on a quick trip out. Unfortunately, my wallet is absolutely gigantic because it also includes insurance cards, multiple credit cards and large rewards cards like my Sephora VIB card, and my checkbook. It is just not practical to carry around, and every time I would go out with friends I would remember my ID but not my credit card, or vice versa. I like that I can always have my essential on me at all times and then bring extra things from my wallet if I need to. This way, everything fits in my back pocket or easily in a jacket.

I also recommend to this to anyone with a high end bag or expensive belongings within a bag. Keys are sharp, and over time they will beat up your belongings.

What is your favorite option for carrying around the bare minimum essentials for a trip to the bar or the grocery story?


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