Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lately: What's In My Bag Edition

My entire life, I have had an obsession with bags. I am pretty sure my mom has photos of me when I was little carrying around purses. I remember rummaging through my moms basket of handbags and shoes, playing dress up for hours. In fact, I think my graduation party announcement had a reference to me loving purses. I thought it was only appropriate to make one of my "Lately" posts a what's in my bag edition. I always enjoyed reading these types of posts on other blogs, being open minded to the ways other people do things. After all, what proper lady doesn't love a good handbag post?

Key Holder: I bought this Louis Vuitton key holder and wrote a post about it a few weeks ago. I love it. The convenience of being able to to keep my keys, a few cards, and emergency cash in a small card-holder sized leather good rather than carry around my rather bulky wallet is fantastic. I also keep my Giant Eagle card and gym membership on a key hook as well. That being said, another item in my bag is...

Wallet: I recently upgraded my wallet while downgrading in size. I hated not being able to fit my wallet into a medium sized tote. In my wallet, I always keep extra stamps, my insurance cards and emergency cash. I also used to carry a surplus of advantage cards in my wallet and now I solely carry my Ulta and Sephora cards as well as my library card.

Pouch with Emergency Goods: I have always kept an "emergency pouch" in my purse. They make similar emergency pouches packed with every imaginable thing you never would have thought you needed and sell them at places like Francesca's. In my pouch, I keep acetaminophen, a mini sewing kit, band aids, alcohol pads, a Tide to go kit, Kleenex, scissors, anti-sting for insect bites, hand sanitizer, lotion, and lip balm. I always make sure my hand sanitizer and lotions are in a pouch so they won't ruin my bag interior if they spill. I also keep a mini .1 oz perfume and a pack of gum, boob tape (for a fancy night out) and jaw clips.

Pouch with Female Products: Because things always happen exactly when you don't want them to.

Pouch with Lip Essentials: I also keep my favorite Lip essentials with me in lieu of a giant makeup bag.  My mother always told me if nothing else, wear a lipstick that compliments your skin if you are in a rush.  I keep with me a lip stain, lip crayon and lip gloss.  I also keep 10 ml of my Lamcome perfume with me in case I need to freshen up when I am out and put on my perfume before I left so as not to clash scents (as I mentioned I also keep 10 ml of a spare perfume in my bag).

Selfie Stick: Some of the best photos that I have taken have been with my selfie stick.  I have even had people ask who has taken photos of Will and I when we have been out because it allowed us to take photos of large landscapes we would never have been able to take with a skinny arm in the photo.  

Others: A compact mirror, sunglasses, matches, compact puyrse hanger, cell phone, notepad, pen (always with a cap), post-it notes, portable phone charger, phone cables, headphones, sunglasses straps, key fob in case I need to take my car key out of my key holder, a good book, and my tablet

What items do you carry in your bag that others might not think of for unusual occasions?




  1. Wow you keep a lot in your bag! All I have is my wallet, keys, phone, and lip gloss haha.

    1. I do keep a lot of stuff in my purse...but I have never needed anything and not had it! Hope you had a good weekend. XOXO